"Love in Action" - Downtown Monthly Outreach - 2016

"The streets are just not a life-giving environment. Please keep our neighbors downtown in prayer and keep us in prayer for the Lord to show us exactly how to minister to each person. We are all so unique and so different and God has a different plan for each one of us!" - Fran Richardson

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December Update!

Here is an update from our "Love in Action" outreach downtown this past Sunday, December 18. As usual, it was awesome! We gave groceries, a huge taco lunch, warm clothing/blankets, toys for kids, Christmas greetings, prayer and fellowship to 140 people! A few of the coolest things that happened were that we had four new families come and volunteer, we had three decisions for Jesus and two folks who were prayed for were healed from their pain! God rocks and so do all the faithful givers, prayers and servers!! I wish I had pictures but I get busy and forget. Merry Christmas! Jesus is the reason for the season!

November Update!

Happy Sunday morning Facebook land! The Reno Sparks gospel mission is putting on a "Street Treat" event at 2 o'clock this afternoon and we are invited to participate! We will be giving away reading glasses, Bibles, mochas and hot chocolate, candy, rain ponchos, groceries, handwarmers and of course encouragement and prayers! And today we will be praying for the Lord to close the heavens and keep the rain backHappy Thanksgiving week! "Love in Action" went downtown this past Sunday to celebrate Thanksgiving and it was absolutely phenomenal! The volunteers that showed up Saturday and worked so hard to prepare for the outreach on Sunday, and the volunteers who showed up on Sunday to serve 180 folks on the street an awesome, huge Thanksgiving meal, I say to you "THANK YOU"!! You are almost too many to name and I'm not going to take away your blessing because the Lord sees you! The Lord showed up in the provision of a fresh, hot meal, plenty of groceries and clothing, plenty of prayers and NO RAIN!! I was really praying that people would be able to relax and enjoy the meal and they did! So again I thank you all, I could not do it by myself. I am blessed and humbled by your service!

October Update!

October 2016 Update

We had another great time of serving downtown today at the "street treat" event! And another Sunday of rain and cold while we were serving! We were all pretty soaked and cold and it sure makes us grateful to have a home to go to and get warm! We actually ran out of stuff there were so many people so we already have new plans for next year! Thanks to everyone who helped!

"Street Treat"

Happy Sunday morning Facebook land! The Reno Sparks gospel mission is putting on a "Street Treat" event at 2 o'clock this afternoon and we are invited to participate! We will be giving away reading glasses, Bibles, mochas and hot chocolate, candy, rain ponchos, groceries, handwarmers and of course encouragement and prayers! And today we will be praying for the Lord to close the heavens and keep the rain back! Feel free to join us and the only prerequisite is that you "dress up ".

September Update!

September 2016 Update

Here are a couple pictures of our downtown "Love in Action" outreach last Sunday. Photos of a few of our volunteers and of the recipients, complements of Matt Drexler!! Thank you Matt. It was an awesome day as usual. We served about 220 people and they literally flew through the line! Everyone was working so hard and so fast it was amazing! I'm so privileged to serve alongside of them all. Get ready for next month, the dates are October 15 and 16th! Put it on your calendar.

August Update!

August 2016 Update

We went downtown last Sunday for our Love in Action outreach and it was phenomenal! The weather was good, the volunteers were awesome, we were blessed to serve about 180 people breakfast and give groceries, clothing, hygiene items and Bibles.

I don't say it enough but a huge thank you to everyone involved in this ministry! I could not do it without you! All of you who've given so much in so many different ways. There's the constant prayer, financial gifts and time and energy that go into building relationship with and ministering to others, and again I thank you so much.

I also don't say much about the food pantry. We also serve about 80 families every Sunday morning through our food pantry at Valley View Christian Fellowship at 1805 Geiger Grade Rd. in south Reno. We are also able to build relationships with folks and encourage and pray with them as well.

We also do recovery ministry, Celebrate Recovery, at the church every Friday night beginning September 9 and my prayer is and I hope you will join with me in praying, to start up a Celebrate Recovery in downtown Reno.

If you would like to be involved in any of this, have any questions, would like to talk to me or would like to give financially please contact me, Fran Richardson, or you can personal message me or just leave a comment here. I love you all, I thank you all and God bless you and your family! Many hands make light work!

July 2016 Update

July Update!

Last Sunday we had our Dimensions-Love in Action outreach downtown and it was sweet as usual!! The longer I do this the more I lean on God to just show up...and He does! ALWAYS!! So this month some faithful, key people were not available to help on the prep time Saturday. So I prayed for God to send laborers and then I left it in His hands. When I got there Saturday, it was just me and Brent and Marlene and I figured we will just get it done! The Lord sent Katherine and Coleman and two new folks, Jay VanSickle his wife Dawn, they saw my post on Facebook! So I met some new people to minister with and the job was done amazingly well!

On Sunday, I've learned just to expect one thing, and that is for God to show up! So I really try not to have any expectations other than that! On Sunday at the prayer tent I was informed that a guy came up and when Pete and Irene asked him what he would like prayer for, he said he just came to get Jesus! So they prayed with him the prayer of salvation and he received the Lord and then he left. He didn't eat lunch, he didn't get groceries or clothing, he just got Jesus and that's Who he came for! To me that is just the most amazing thing, that we were there when and where the Lord needed us to be. It is so amazing and such a privilege to be used by the Lord. Join us next month as we continue to follow the Lord and we ask Him to make us worthy to walk in the manner of what He has called us to...

June 2016 Update

June Update!

Thank you so much to everyone who worked so hard! So much work went into celebrating Father's Day! It blesses God, it blesses those we served and it blesses us who have the privilege to serve! Thank you Lord for who You are and for those who were added to the kingdom today!

May Outreach Update

Thank you to everyone who worked, prayed, served and gave to our Love in Action Outreach this past Sunday! As usual it was a blessed time and for the first time in many years there was a standing line for prayer! When I went over to the side of the parking lot where they set up for prayer there were three people waiting to be prayed for! On the other side of the parking lot there were two domestic disputes.... so the battle rages on and we continue to serve and pray and stand in the gap! Do not weary of doing good… Thank you Jesus

April Garage Sale

Garage Sale Fund-raiser!

This is for our annual garage sale fund-raiser! Thank you for donating, praying, helping and giving! We could not do it without all of you!! PLEASE SHARE THIS!!

April Outreach Update

So last Sunday, April 17, was our "Love in Action "downtown outreach. Again, it was an amazing time! The difference this time is that we served almost 300 people. We had 200 can grocery bags and about 180 more random dry groceries bags and we ran out! So as we were running out, of course we got together and prayed for God to provide and to expand our provisions! So He gave me the idea to go out and ask the folks who we had already served if they had anything they weren't going to use or that they would like to share and the cool thing is most of them gave something! That was a major blessing! I probably made 7 to 10 more big bags of groceries that I was able to give to the folks who didn't get any! So God is still totally creative. It might not "just show up " we might have to use the brains He gave us and He provides still! So it looks like will be expanding our borders and making more grocery bags! We had more families downtown than I have ever seen so I don't know what's going on but keep them and us in your prayers if you would please! I covet your prayers. We also had some new volunteers and it was just a blessing all the way around! Thank you to all of those who serve and give and pray. We could not do without you!

March Outreach UPDATE

We had our "Love in Action" Reno outreach on Sunday, March 20 and I sound like a broken record, but it was AWESOME!!!! Lol! We were privileged to serve, pray for and just be there for all the folks who showed up. There were several new people there, with our weather warming up here we begin to get transient folks. A big shout out to Bishop Manogue Catholic High School, Damonte Ranch, Galena, TMCC and the Girl Scouts for all the volunteer hours! The young adults are phenomenal!! Thanks again to all of you who support Dimensions ministry. We absolutely could not do it without EVERY SINGLE ONE of you!! Happy Happy Easter! He is risen!

March (1) Outreach Volunteers

March Outreach Prep.

Wow! God never ceases to amaze me!!! He is crazy creative and always faithful! Those of you who know, we usually prepare for our "love in action" downtown outreach every third Sunday, on that previous Saturday. Well something came up and I had to do it today, Friday. I'm grateful to so many of you volunteers who showed up today. We busted it out in less than four hours and I'm able to make it to work on time! Thank you to Herb Richardson, Paula Yelle, Barbara Dowty, Esther Poe, Jean Beck, Katherine Clemons, Billie Cole, Troy, Toni Hulett, Debbie Draper. Remember you still have an opportunity to serve your community on this Sunday March 20 after church at 12:30 downtown Reno when we actually pass out these groceries and all the clothing and serve a meal of fried rice and oriental salad with fruit and cookies and drinks! Thank you all who work so hard and pray so faithfully and give so faithfully! Be there or be square!!

'Seeking Your Niche in Christ' Women's Conference

Networking at the SYNC

We had an awesome day networking at the SYNC (seeking your niche in Christ) women's conference. Great job Pam Korgan and team!

February Outreach Volunteers

February Outreach Update

Dimensions "Love in Action" outreach downtown Reno on Sunday, February 21 was awesome as usual! We served at least 190 people a hot meal, gave them groceries and lots of prayer went up for them and with them! We had so many new young volunteers it was amazing! I'm so grateful for God's creativity because it always surpasses my own when it comes to recruiting and getting the word out! I am truly thankful for not only all the volunteers and their hearts and their service, but for all the donations of time and finances and prayer and resources that go into this ministry. Please know that your prayers and giving are not returning void. People are having an opportunity for recovery, healing, being lifted up and just being touched not only physically but by the Lord. Glory to God and thank you!

Partnership with CCNN and UNR DFI

Partnership Between CCNN and UNR Desert Farm Institute

So here is a new partnership between Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada and the UNR Desert Farm Institute to put up hoop houses for year-round fresh produce!! I am so excited and Dimensions is so blessed to be recipients of and partnering with Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada to provide more fresh and healthy options for the community. I got to help for about an hour and a half and the wind is extreme up there! Thank you Reno for your continued caring and blessing of your neighbors!!

January 2016 Update

Last Sunday, September 17, we had our Love in Action outreach downtown Reno. I apologize that it has taken me so long to update you, but it was a phenomenal, and I mean phenomenal, time in the Lord that day. It all began with prayer at 6:30 in the morning and a volunteer that I've known for many years accepting Jesus into their life as their Lord and Savior! Then the Lord showed up in abundance at the pantry also. Following the church service, we went downtown as usual and after my initial prayer and before we started serving, I gave a call to know the Lord and a woman stepped forward and accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior!! And if that were not enough, the atmosphere was a little chaotic and confusing due to some behavior happening, and we got together and prayed against it and just as quickly as it started, it calmed down!! How faithful is God!? Not only does He privilege us to be a part of what He's doing, but He builds our faith in the midst of it by answering our prayers! Thank you Jesus and thank you to all the praying and serving and giving volunteers that we have in Dimensions! We could not do it without you! Don't miss out on our outreach in February on the weekend of February 20 and 21st. Looking forward to ministering with you!