"Love in Action" - Downtown Monthly Outreach - 2015

"The streets are just not a life-giving environment. Please keep our neighbors downtown in prayer and keep us in prayer for the Lord to show us exactly how to minister to each person. We are all so unique and so different and God has a different plan for each one of us!" - Fran Richardson

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January Update

Dimensions Boot Drive Update

Our first boot drive is over! Thank you so much to all of you who got behind us and help us collect 73 pairs of workboots! They will be going to the Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada Resource Network and Nevada Job Connect to help those who may already have a job but need boots. Thank you for helping us to help others and give them a hand up. The mission of Dimensions is to promote and preserve human dignity by demonstrating His love in action that transforms body, mind and spirit!! Thanks again!February 20 and 21st. Looking forward to ministering with you!

November and December Boot Drive 2015


On our October "love in action" outreach, we were able to help someone secure a job with a seemingly simple gift of a pair of work boots. Now we are doing a work boot drive and are partnering with Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada Resource Network and Nevada Job Connect to get folks the "hand up" that may help them "pull themselves up by the bootstraps". There are three drop off locations and we will be collecting through December 31.

A Special Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Here is our update on our "Love in Action" downtown Reno outreach last week.
It was phenomenal as usual! Even though the weather was pretty chilly, our volunteers faithfully showed up and served 180 folks! There was an awesome time of ministry and people were very thankful that we were still out there serving even in the inclement weather! The Lord came through as usual and held the snow back until 230 after we had served the last people!

I apologize that the last two times I haven't had any pictures! I get busy and I forget to take them so I have a ministry opportunity for any photographer or want to be photographer out there who would like to join us on our out reach and take pictures and videos! Contact Fran.

A Thank You...

Thank you Lord for the privilege of serving you and thank you everyone else who has donated or pray or supported me in this ministry in the past, present and future!

Check out the video on our Facebook page!

Trunk or Treat 2015 Outreach

"Trunk or Treat" was great!

The trunk or treat was so much fun! For everyone who gave and served and prayed and helped, thank you so much! We gave lots of treats and mochas and Bibles and eyeglasses and prayer and encouragement, it's such a privilege to serve God and to serve others! Thanks again here's a few pictures.

Trunk or Treat 2015

This Sunday, October 25th, Dimensions/Valley View is going to participate in a “Trunk or Treat” at the Reno Sparks Gospel Mission. It is from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm and we will be leaving the church around 12:30 pm to get down there and decorate the truck. We will be giving away treats and necessities. We are asking for donations of cash for the decorations, as well as donations of rain ponchos and reading glasses (both of those can be found at the dollar store). If you plan to go downtown and participate, please dress up in costume. We will decorate the truck in a fall theme.

October 2015

Thank you again everyone who participated in our "love in action" out reach downtown Reno this past Sunday! It was a phenomenal day. The spirit was definitely moving and we were able to actually give a hand up to several people and I am still in contact with them! Keep your neighbors in Reno in prayer please because God is moving! God rocks and so do all of you volunteers who put in your time and effort and money to serve over 180 people. Thank you for being part of Dimensions. The bummer is I get so busy chatting with people and doing stuff I forgot to take pictures!

September 2015 Outreach

September 2015

Here's a few pics from our Love in Action outreach a couple Sunday's ago. A belated thank u to all who gave, worked, served, prayed and made it all happen!! God blessed 180 people thru us and what a privilege that is! 3 folks stepped out to pray for salvation and lots of others asked for and received prayer.

Another Opportunity to be "LOVE IN ACTION" 9/17/15

OK RENO... We have a second opportunity to be "LOVE IN ACTION" for folks impacted by the Valley fire up in Northern California. A big THANK YOU to St. Vincent's food pantry, Gene Temen & Doug Ramirez at Quick Space in Sparks for a donation of a pod and all the individual folks who have donated and who will be donating.

Having been there firsthand and researching the needs of the people impacted I have compiled a list of the most helpful items. The first on the list is to continue in prayer for all the people involved. Of course monetary donations are the most precious and versatile commodity along with nonperishable food and caffeinated drinks, coffee and water. All hygiene items, all towels and women's items, baby formula/food, diapers and supplies, children's small toys, games, backpacks and school supplies, animal/pet feeds, crates and supplies. All types of outdoor shelter needs-tents, tarps, cots, air mats and pumps, sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, flashlights, batteries, medium/large storage containers w/lids, backpacks and duffel bags. They have a lot of clothing but will not turn it away. PLEASE only new or CLEAN and GENTLY USED items!! Is there anything you can do to help our neighbors? Nothing is too small.

  • **Donations are being accepted now thru Monday Sept 21, 4 pm at: St. Vincent's food pantry 500 E 4th St. Reno.
  • **Donations are being accepted now thru Monday Sept 21, 6 pm at: Valley View Christian Fellowship at 1805 Geiger Grade Rd South Reno. Please call to arrange drop-off. See info below
  • **Contact Fran at fran.richardson@dimensionsreno.org or personal message me on Facebook-dimensions reno, or call 775-453-6399.

PLEASE SHARE THIS with everyone you know because you never know who's going to give!!! Thank you for considering this and please, please share!

An Opportunity to be "LOVE IN ACTION" 9/14/15

We have an opportunity to be "LOVE IN ACTION". We are putting together some donations for the Middletown/Valley fire up there in California, northwest of wine country. We know some folks who have family and friends there and maybe you do as well. Of course they have a need for nonperishable food and water but as we have made many calls to shelters and donation points in the area we found the needs to be much greater. Thousands of people and animals are displaced as they are calling this the worst fire in at least a decade. There are many articles describing the devastation in detail if u are interested to know. At the least 400 homes, apartments buildings, businesses and many, many more other structures have already burned and it is not contained. Some of the needs are women's necessaries and all hygiene items, baby formula/food and supplies and animal feeds and supplies. All types of bedding-sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, towels, tents, tarps, flashlights, batteries, backpacks, duffel's, school supplies, clothing, etc. Also money is always a precious commodity. Is there anything you can do to help? Nothing is too small. I could pick up whatever you have to give tomorrow beginning in the morning through noonish or you could bring it to the church between one and two. We intend to leave by 2 PM so time is of the essence. PLEASE PRAY for the people of the area!!! Thank you for your prayers!

Middletown Love in Action


We are on the road!! Thank you Reno for showing God's love to Northern California!! In 48 hours you all managed to hook us up with a cubed out box van of supplies and tanks of gas!! U all rock! We are blessed to be able to take Richard home to help. The sky is cloudy and sprinkling already. We'll keep u posted.

Middletown Love in Action

Continue to Pray...

I just spoke with someone who moved to Reno from Middletown a short time ago and his family is there. He told me this morning that the fire grew overnight considerably and 168 more homes were burned! If you have any donations please contact me before noon and if you don't have things to donate please consider giving cash and I'll do whatever you want me to do with it. I'll buy sleeping bags and items or I'll give cash! Please share this. Please remember to keep these folks in your prayers. Thank you! - Fran

August 2015 Outreach

August 2015

We had an awesome day downtown Reno today. We served over 170 people and God's abundance of provision and His Spirit was evident!! Thank you so much to all the faithful volunteers and the time and heart that was invested, it couldn't happen without you! Both at the food pantry this morning and the out reach downtown many people personally thanked us and a lot of talk of solutions today as opposed to problems which was awesome! Lots of prayer going up and going out!! Thank you everybody!

July 2015

Thank you to all who participated in the Love in Action – downtown outreach last Sunday! We served a meal and groceries to 190 people but more importantly was able to share God's love and hope that is for everyone! This is Lupe and her testimony. Thanks again and looking forward to seeing everyone next month!!

June 2015

Here's an update and mega thank you for all who participated in preparing, giving, praying and serving for our downtown outreach last Sunday!! We celebrated Fathers Day with God our Father and served about 170 people lunch and gave groceries, clothing, Bibles and friendship to all as well. This video is of a friend I have known for several years and his sentiments are shared by most of the folks we serve. It's humbling and a major privilege to be used of God!!

May 2015

Thank you again for everyone who helped prepare for the outreach on Saturday and all the volunteers at our Love in Action outreach on Sunday! We cannot do it without you! So it was an awesome day as usual. It was supposed to rain and it did, but not until we checked in the last person and served the last bowl of stew and as we were cleaning up it started pouring! God is awesome and faithful . Please keep these folks in your prayers and keep Dimensions in your prayers for God's leading and provision in this ministry. Thanks again to all who prayed, help prepare, and helped serve.

We met and served about 180 people and gave away lots of stew, groceries, dog food, clothing, smiles and prayers! Three folks came forward after an invitation to know Jesus and accepted His salvation and many more asked for and received prayer. We started videotaping after all these years and people were so willing to share their experiences, I was extremely humbled. Here's one of the women I've known for a few years.

Please keep these folks in your prayers and keep Dimensions in your prayers for God's leading and provision in this ministry. Thanks again to all who prayed, help prepare, and helped serve.