"Love in Action" - Downtown Monthly Outreach - 2019

"The streets are just not a life-giving environment. Please keep our neighbors downtown in prayer and keep us in prayer for the Lord to show us exactly how to minister to each person. We are all so unique and so different and God has a different plan for each one of us!" - Fran Richardson

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"April 2019"

Here is our “Love in Action” update for April 🐣. It was awesome to be able to serve on Easter Sunday! We served about 220 folks a turkey and homemade mashed potato meal with all the trimmings. We also had Easter baskets for all the kids and groceries along with clothing and lots of smiles and lovin’ from our amazing volunteers! Thank you again to all of you who make this possible month after month and year after year!

"March 2019"

Here is the update for our “love in Action” outreach last Sunday… My apologies, I get so caught up in what I’m doing sometimes that I forget to take pictures… The weather was awesome, the people were awesome and we had a new group of folks volunteering. So along with the food and groceries and clothing there was a lot of fellowship happening! So grateful to grow “Team Dimensions” volunteer base… It is awesome! Thank you all who give, pray and serve, we could not do it without you!! Next month our outreach will fall on Easter Sunday, April 21! I can’t wait... that’s probably my favorite day of the year to serve on! Remembering Jesus’ sacrifice and love is definitely something to celebrate!! Be there or be square. LOL

"Partners Group 2019"

Good morning! This is a special shout out to all of our community partners here in Reno and Sparks!!

From top to bottom: 7-11 on Geiger Grade Rd., Trader Joe’s Reno, Sprouts Reno, Sprouts Sparks, A Voice in the Wilderness, the Food Bank of Northern Nevada, Awaken, Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada and Pioneer AG.

Thank you so much for your donations of finances, time and resources!! We definitely could not do it without you… Check us out on dimensionsreno.org and check out all these pictures

"February 2019"

WooHoo!! Here is our update for last Sundays downtown outreach. As you can see the weather was a small obstacle… But we served 120 people, they were all awesome and they all got to eat to their hearts content!! Hopefully we were a little sunshine on a cold day… We also celebrated Jay and Dawn’s 35th anniversary and Dave’s 60th birthday! What amazing volunteers we have that they even come down on their special days!! Thanks again for all you do in supporting us!

"January 2019"

January 2019 Update

Here is the update from last Sunday, January 20 for our “Love in Action” downtown Reno outreach and community food pantry... So, it began at 7 AM… All day was a 40 to 80% chance of rain.

We set up the food pantry and began serving at 8 AM and tried to serve all of the people before the weather hit. At 8:47 it began raining and we were pretty much finished… A couple people came afterwards, and were served, so, first praise God!

Then, we went downtown and arrived a few minutes before one. It was raining in South Reno and all the way to where we were heading. When we got there it was sprinkling and as we set up and got ready and prayed, the rain not only stopped, but the sun came out!️ And guess what? We served approximately 100 people and as we finished cleaning up… I closed the back door of the truck, we prayed out and it started raining! So... second praise God! (and many more!)

And... to add to the awesomeness of the day and all of the people we served… we did NOT have a lack of volunteers! Everyone showed up in “fool weather gear” expecting the worst and the Lord gave us the best! Thank you all! Those who give, those who serve, those who pray, we wouldn’t want to do it without you.

"Christmas 2018"

Merry Christmas! Here is the update from our December “Love in Action“ downtown Reno on Sunday, December 16… And our 2018 update as well…

The weather was perfect, the partnerships awesome and the community spirit beautiful. We had Jay and Dawn serving coffee, donuts and socks. All of our volunteers gave everyone a warm winter item along with a hygiene bag donated by #Sprouts, some groceries and a hot meal of turkey tacos Cheri’s famous pumpkin bread, some fruit Jell-O and drinks! Lots of prayers were offered up for those in need, and the Christmas spirit abounding.

Our food pantry at Valley View Christian Fellowship, 1805 Geiger grade Road in South Reno, is open every Sunday of the year from 8 AM to 9 AM.

I want to make a huge shout out and thank you to our partners at the Food Bank of Northern Nevada, Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada/St. Vincent’s, 7-Eleven on Geiger Grade Road, Trader Joe’s Reno and both Sprouts in Reno and Sparks for donating all year long. I also want to thank all our prayer partners, financial partners and amazing volunteers! We absolutely cannot do any of this without you!

Because of all you, we were able to give 11,134 people groceries and serve 1830 hot meals, for a total distribution of 243,000 pounds of food! You are all truly amazing!! Thank you so much and see you in 2019! Merry Christmas and have a blessed and prosperous new year!
- Fran

"November 2018"

November 2018 Update
November 2018 Update

So as of yesterday I had biscuit mix, butter and flour for my plan to make turkey à la King for our homeless outreach downtown this Sunday! Today at the pantry pick up, which is always random, I got seven big turkeys, fresh cranberries, potatoes, onions, green beans, milk and even some bananas for dessert!! Thank you Lord for your provision! So we are on track for this weekend! And as you can see from the pictures below, this was our Food Bank of Northern Nevada pick up and our St. Vincent’s drop off today which will provide an abundance for Thanksgiving this weekend, not only for the outreach but also for our community food pantry every Sunday. This does not even include everything we get from Sprouts every Saturday!

So join us this Saturday, November 17 from 7 AM till approximately 1 PM as we prepare to go downtown… We will be making grocery bags, prepping the meal, loading the truck and having fun!

Then Sunday morning, November 18, we will be serving our community food pantry between 8 and 9 AM and then finishing up the preparations and heading downtown after church at 12:30… many hands make for light work… If you know someone who needs a hand up please let them know about these events otherwise come serve with us! Thanks!

"October (Part 2) 2018"

October 2018 Update
October 2018 Update
October 2018 Update
October 2018 Update

Lots to update so I thought I would do it all at once! So the pictures at the bottom are from our food pantry every Sunday morning at Valley View Christian Fellowship at 1805 Geiger Grade Rd. from 8 AM to 9 AM… It’s like a big community farmers market!! Then in the middle was from last weeks downtown outreach which turned out to be a beautiful fall day with lots of tacos, groceries, clothing and huge hearts on both sides… The people we are privileged to serve are awesome!

And then the top picture was from today… The Reno Sparks Gospel Mission’s “Street Treats”… We had fun and got to dress up and joined Multnomah Bible College and maybe 20 other businesses and ministries blessing folks for the harvest… Lots of kiddos which was really nice to see and a lot of volunteers this year. Really really awesome… Another beautiful fall day as well… Thank you again for your support, prayers, giving and serving! We could not do it without you…

"October 2018"

October 2018 Update
October 2018 Update

Lots going on this weekend! So this picture is of two teams preparing for ministry at ValleyView Christian Fellowship! One is us, Dimensions, and we are preparing for “Street Treats” tomorrow down at the Reno Sparks Gospel Mission from 2-4. The other team is YWAM-Youth with a Mission” and they are preparing to go downtown to minister at the psychic fair! So I thank you Lord that you knit us together in unity as Your Body, different parts, different gifts and talents, all Your hands and feet🙌🏼❤️👣👋🏼

"September 2018"

September 2018 Update
September 2018 Update

As you can see it was a beautiful, busy and bustling day! We served about 150 people a big spaghetti lunch with all the trimmings plus groceries and clothing. We had so many awesome volunteers and the prayer tent was buzzing too!! Thank you for all the prayers, donations, finances and work that goes into these outreaches each month!! Could not do it without you all!! Contact us today to find out more about us… To serve… Or to be served… God bless!

"August 2018"

August 2018 Update
August 2018 Update
August 2018 Update

It was a phenomenal day! We gave away everything we had and served approximately 200 to 220 people. The weather was great, people were awesome the volunteers were friendly, beyond effective and appreciated! Thank You Lord that we show our love for You by serving and loving others.

"July 2018"

July 2018 Update

Here is our “Love in Action” outreach update for last Sunday, July 15. This is a picture of a few of our volunteers after we were all finished cleaning up. Look how joyful they are!

We served 160 folks a big taco lunch, groceries and clothing and the prayer tent was busy! The Holy Spirit definitely came before us and the Glory of the Lord was there! One person openly received Jesus and the spirit of community was sweet!

Team Dimensions rocks and their commitment amazes and humbles me. Every part of it is so necessary… from the prayers, the physical work that it takes to put it all together, serving, cleaning up, smiling and encouraging and touching people not only physically but their hearts…giving hope...whether you “choose” to be in that situation or not it’s still a rough way to go…

And of course the financial donations! It takes resources to give things away for free!

If you would like to know more about Dimensions Ministry or if you would like to give, contact us today and thank you so much for all you do!

"June 2018"

Here is the update for our “Love in Action“ outreach for Father’s Day last weekend! It was a phenomenal day… as usual! We had some new volunteers And some new faces also… We served some awesome homemade bratwurst that were donated by Alpine ranch–grass fed beef! We had 160 of them. They went fast and everybody loved them!

A man named Rich gave me an amazing testimony of his healing after being prayed for two months ago and came down just to let me know! There was a lot of community and fellowship and just a little bit of rain!

Thank you again for all the support we could not do it without you!

"May 2018"

May 2018 Update

Hi… Here is our update from our “Love in Action“ May outreach last weekend. The weather was perfect, we had so many volunteers and many new ones, and the sense and spirit of community was abounding! I was privileged to hear so many stories of people getting places to live… getting clean and sober… getting jobs… and just healthy living practices in general! The prayer tent was busy and I had several people thank me for doing the “Lords work”! It was just crazy awesome!

A huge shout out to Alpine Ranch for their generous donation of pasture raised Berkshire pork for the breakfast that we served! They are a direct answer to prayer that we would be able to provide healthy food!

All in all it was another amazing day with amazing people and and an amazing God Who provides and loves greatly!

Thank you all for your prayers, donations, and service! We absolutely could not do it without you!

"April 2018"

Hi! Here is our “Love in Action” downtown outreach for April! It was a little windy, but otherwise the weather was awesome! We have been blessed this year with no major storms during our outreaches! We served 130 people a huge chicken taco lunch with all the trimmings, several bags of groceries each, and all the clothing that they could take! One of our volunteers, Duane, was able to come back and serve after about six months and all the rest of the volunteers are just so gracious and excited to serve and be there, they are truly amazing!

ONE OF OUR MAIN PURPOSES is to offer that rest and refreshing we all so desperately need! I’ve said before, the streets are just not a life-giving force. It’s a hard life whether self-induced, economic induced or other induced. If you have ever been there, not just being homeless, but lost, confused, broke, lonely, tired, victimized, unemployed, sick, elderly and the list goes on…then when we are offered a smile and kind word that shows we are valued, maybe a minute, a day, and a life can change! I personally thank God for second, third, fourth and infinite “second” chances!

Thank you Lord, that you meet us where we are and you bring others along side us who possibly can understand!

If you would like to find out more about this ministry, Dimensions, or how to volunteer, give, pray or receive help and support, contact us today. Thank you!

"March 2018"

March 2018 Update

Here is the update for last Sunday, March 18, at our “Love in Action“ downtown outreach! I, Fran, was on vacation and Team Dimensions majorly stepped up and brought their A game! They served 200 people a big chicken and homemade mashed potato lunch and the prayer tent was overflowing with God’s graces!

One Vet even came up to thank Cheri personally and tell her that he came down expecting a small meal and whatever we were giving and he sat down to a homemade lunch like he was at his moms house! Praise God! Doesn’t that make it all worth it!?

Many thanks to all the volunteers that make it possible. All the hours, all the prayers, finances and resources, I’m just continually blown away by God’s faithfulness!

If you would like to find out more about this ministry, Dimensions, or how to volunteer, give, pray or receive help and support, contact us today. Thank you!

"February 2018"

Hi!! Here is our “Love in Action“ outreach update for February 18! It was a cold, windy day but thank you Lord that You held the weather back till 4 o’clock when we were all finished serving and cleaning up!

Thank you to all the volunteers who continually and joyfully serve in the rain, snow, heat, wind and rain because we couldn’t do it without you! I am grateful for the Abundance of resources that the Lord continually provides! We were able to serve a huge steak and turkey taco meal with all the trimmings, dessert and drinks, along with several grocery bags for each person, clothing, prayers and lots of smiles!!

I am also grateful for the continued support, donations and partnerships for our Community Food Pantry every Sunday at Valley View Christian Fellowship on 1805 Geiger Grade Rd. from 8 AM to 9 AM, rain, snow, shine or Holiday! Thank you specifically to the #Food Bank of Northern Nevada, #Trader Joe’s, #Model Dairy, #Sprouts Market, #Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada, #Awaken Inc and many individuals and families!

Thank you for all the prayers, support and hours of work that it takes to serve those less fortunate, marginalized and sometimes just plain forgotten men, women and children who are also created in the image of God! Blessings to you all!

If you would like to find out more about this ministry, Dimensions, or how to volunteer, give, pray or receive help and support, contact us today. Thank you!

"January 2018"

Here’s our update for our “love in action” downtown outreach in January. It was an awesome time, the weather was perfect for winter time. We served about 130 people. They had spaghetti and meatballs, got groceries and warm clothing along with a smile, handshake, hug, encouraging word, some Hope and/or prayers from all of our awesome volunteers! I forgot the pictures! LOL. Thank you again to all those who give, pray, volunteer and serve and to those we serve! It’s a privilege! Be blessed.