From The Heart...

The Director of Dimensions.

For Dimensions and for myself personally, 2018 has been a year of depth, learning and growing in God’s grace! I could not, literally, have done it without your love, prayers, partnership and financial support…I am forever grateful for all this and for the trust you display in me and the ministry through these actions.

In 2018, Dimensions served 11,134 people groceries along with 1830 hot meals for a total distribution of 243,000 pounds of food. That does not include all the clothing donated, Bibles, hygiene items, “life packs” and anything else the Lord provided. Along with those of you who gave personally, we partnered with Trader Joe’s, Sprouts Farmers Markets, the Foodbank of Northern Nevada, Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada i.e. St. Vincent’s, Alpine Ranch, who donated over 1500 pounds of local grass fed meat, Awaken INC, Pioneer AG Church, our local 7-11 on Geiger Grade and A Voice in the Wilderness Church. I could go on and on naming all 60 volunteers who serve in Dimensions and all of the things done in 2018 but I’ve got it down to three…

I don’t do this often but I would like to tell you three stories of what your support has meant this year…

I’ll start with a man that I will call Ron. We met Ron through the food pantry several years ago and he has gotten assistance from the food pantry and has helped volunteer throughout the years. He found himself in a bad situation and homeless with nowhere to go and no job. So, with my husband, after careful consideration, we offered him our couch for six weeks. A lot happened in that time, good and bad, but he finally made the decision to move back to Southern California to be around his family!

A single mom and her teenage son were in a radical car accident, hit by a drunk driver, she had two broken legs and he had liver lacerations. They were living in their car at the time and I gave a friend my card if she needed help (I was thinking groceries). She called me three days before fundraising help ran out with no money and no where to go. With prayerful consideration, and my husbands blessings, we took them in. Fran’s plan was that 3 months or so she will be healed up physically and that while that was happening I could help her in other areas to move forward, make better choices, etc. I had big plans and high hopes! So that was eleven months ago! Not God’s plan! It would take a lot of words to tell you what God has done in my head and heart this last few months. Suffice it to say He is molding me to His way, whether I like it or not!! He is shaping Dimensions to His specs! Fast forward, the boy is doing good physically and she was diagnosed with a bone infection, and had, at 7 months in, a fourth surgery with a no weight restriction on the leg. There have been bizarre and frankly unbelievable developments all along the way. With a small income from Victims of Crime and your faithful giving we are facing the mountain together!

At this writing, she is on the mend, with no pain for the first time, she has gotten a job and she will be moving to her own place next month!

Then comes a woman I will call Mary… Mary came to the pantry about 5 months ago. What I observed was her slurring of speech and stumbling and all around weak state. I have my own thoughts but the Lord is teaching me to see thru His eyes (not always effective). As we served her, she said she walked all the way to the church from Toll Rd (at 6 am in November). I did not know til later that she met a neighbor in line who has become a friend to her and they share a ride to the pantry. So, about 2-3 weeks later I noticed she was helping others and us a little after she got her groceries and she was not slurring or stumbling and was very coherent and bright and super grateful. So I asked her what was up(which I rarely do) and she said she was literally starving and had no food for a while. Now Mary is volunteering with Dimensions! WOW! I’ve been doing this a while but I still think this doesn’t happen here, that everyone has food because it’s available, kind of like we can “assume” that everyone has heard about Jesus!!

Thank you again! I pray blessings over you as you faithfully give. I literally could not do it without you!

- In His debt,
Fran Richardson